Neil Hunt & Simon Boyle film motion capture for new Dynamis animations

To showcase the Dynamis team’s areas of expertise we scheduled a day with Mocapone and Project Simply at the Sharp Project in Manchester to film a collection of sport and art activities, focussing on the day to day actions that cause irritation and injury to our patients’ bodies. Consultants Neil Hunt and Simon Boyle were eager to get suited up and act out the movements themselves, largely so they could rugby tackle each other into submission.


Neil being calibrated in his skintight motion capture suit.

Neil filmed a collection of tennis serves to highlight stress points of the wrist and elbow. Had to take several attempts to get a good looking serve for the cameras!


Simon & Neil prepare themselves for some rugby tackles. About 20 tackles in and it was starting to get achy! We finished with a tackle that would be perfect for the CG process:

And to compare, here is how we rendered the animation:

The two CG men have translucent skin to see their anatomically correct muscles and skeletal structure. The area of impact, here on the knee, glows with a soft, deep red.

The footage was to be collated and used throughout the new website, on each specialist’s profile page. Be sure to check them out!


Celebrating afterwards as we review the data collected.


Neil Hunt and Simon Boyle after a big day’s shooting.