Simon Boyle teaches on shoulder surgery

Simon invited to teach surgeons from around the world as part of a Global Masterclass in shoulder surgery. Simon gave lectures on subjects including the management of the stiff and painful shoulder, shoulder dislocations and nerve entrapments. This was followed by live technique demonstrations showing how many of these procedures can now be managed arthroscopically.


Simon Boyle teaches at the University Hospital in Warwick

Simon was invited to demonstrate and teach fellow surgeons from around the UK at University Hospital in Warwick. The focus of the meeting was the management of recurrent shoulder instability and the technique of the arthroscopic Latarjet procedure. Simon was the first UK surgeon to perform this procedure and has published and presented on this…


Simon Boyle speaks at the Professional Jockey Association’s Injury Management team event

Simon was invited to lecture at the Professional Jockey Association’s Jockey Injury Management (JIM) team event at York Race Course. Here he discussed the current trends and controversies in the management of neurological injuries of the upper limb, clavicle fractures, ACJ injuries and shoulder instability with a group of professional physiotherapists and doctors treating professional…